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Development Package

  ● Offer technical reference manual describing hardware design, system software porting, driver development and application software development environment. Enable you to take advantage of EMA products to speed up the development.  

  ● Offer CPU datasheet, SDK and software development environment. So you just need to focus on your core software development.

  ● Offer QT development environment.

  ● Offer EMA-Launcher system management tool for free.

  ● Offer a variety of Linux DEMO.

Technical Support

  ● Locate product fault

  ● Explain software and hardware resources in EMA embedded product.

  ● Help users compile and run correctly the source code we offer.

  ● Help users solve the abnormal problems while using EMA embedded product based on the development package we offered.

Value-added Services

  ● Carrier board custom design service

  ● System on module custom design service

  ● Linux/DSP system custom service

  ● Embedded software development

  ● EMA fast-boot solution porting

  ● Project cooperation and development

  ● Enterprise development training: EMA has a technical team with experienced embedded engineers who have been engaged in embedded hardware and software development for 12 years. 


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