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Hisilicon Series Product and Solution


Hi3559AV100 is a professional 8K ultra-HD SoC. It supports 8K@30 video encoding and decoding, 4.0Tops neural network performance. Hi3559A integrates dual-core ARM Cortex A73 and dual-core ARM Cortex A53 processor as well as the big.LITTLE architecture. With ARM Mali G71 GPU, Quad-core DSP and dual-core NNIE, His559A provides excellent image processing capability.


With ARM Cortex-A53 processor, Hi3519AV100 integrates a powerful programmable neural network inference engine and a vector DSP, backing the application of multiple intelligent algorithms. Supporting H.265/H.264 video encoding and decoding, Hi3519AV100 has a 4K@60 encoding and decoding performance and 2.0Tops neural network performance.


The Hi3531DV100 provides an embedded dual-core ARM A9 processor, a high-performance H.265 video encoding/decoding engine, a high-performance video/graphics processing engine integrated with various peripheral interfaces. It has HDMI/VGA HD display output capacity and 8x 1080P video encoding/decoding.

Hi3559AV100 ,Hi3531DV100,Hi3519AV100 can be used in different fields including intelligent surveillance camera, video conference, intelligent video analysis, 4K video decoding and encoding and UAV.



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