Fiscal Processor Solution

SOM335x is a widely used chip.Through long-term market research and product analysis,EMA launched the Fiscal Processor Solution based on AM335x.

Solution Overview

The development of wireless communication and touch screen changes people’s electronic products operating habits.Nowadays,the traditional fiscal processor which transfers data through Ethernet cannot meet the application requirement.In order to adapt to the times and solve the problem of simple communication mode,EMA launched the Fiscal Processor Solution based on AM335x.

Traditional Fiscal Processor

  • Network Connections,Carry and place inconveniently.

  • Built-in keyboard,Big size,Mechanical keys are easily damaged.

  • Black-and-white screen,Small LCD,Simple appearance,Bad user experience.

  • Simple and dry interface,Imperfect function

Fiscal Processor based on AM335x

  • Supports various of wireless transmission mode,Convenient to carry.

  • Use touch screen,Flexible operation,Precise positioning,Meet user’s requirement.

  • 7 inches colorful LCD and Widescreen display bring you the ultimate visual experience.

  • Supports Android and Linux system,User-friendly,Can add applications according to your demand.

Solution Diagram

Key Technology


  • 7 inches touch colorful screen display
  • Built-in Mini-printer
  • Supports WIFI,3G and Ethernet
  • Built-in speaker and Voice prompt system
  • USB and telephone line interface
  • Android4.0 system
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