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Based on TI AM5728/5726, SOM572x is EMA’s Lead-Free and immersion gold material, 10-layers layout, industrial grade design SoM, which can be applied for motion control systems, machine vision processing systems, image recognition systems, audio analysis systems, video analysis systems and high-end measuring instrument.
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The SoM integrates all the core component of TI AM5728/5726, including dual ARM Cortex-A15, dual C66x™ Floating-Point VLIW DSP@750MHz and dual PRU-ICSS.SOM572x enables you to use flexible size of RAM and FLASH Memory based on different applications, thus supporting 1GB~4GB DDR3 and 4GB~16GB eMMC.

Hardware Features

  • Integrates 2x Cortex-A15@1.5GHz, 2x C66x DSP@750MHz, 2x Cortex-M4, 2x PRU

  • Connector:BTB Connector

  • Up to 4x VIN;Up to 2x CAN;Up to 10x UART;Up to 2x LCD;Up to 4x SPI

  • Up to 10x video input;Up to 2x CAN;Up to 10x UART;Up to 3x LCD

  • Up to 4x SPI;Up to 3x MMC;Up to 8x McSAP;Up to 5x I2C;Up to 2x Gigabit Ethernet

  • 1x SATA-2;1x USB 3.0;1x USB 2.0;1x HDMI;1x PCIe 3.0 (1* 2-lane or 2*1-lane)

  • Operating temperature : -40℃~85℃(Industrial Grade)

Consultation & Ordering




Mr. Ken

Miss Jessy

Call phone

(+86) 159 1576 8027

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Software Specification:

SOM572x supports Linux 4.9.28 OS and DSP RTOS. For real-time data processing, RT-Linux system is also ready to run. EMA offers complete SDK including the demo of multicore communication between ARM and DSP, which let you to take advantage of EMA products to shorten time-to-market, reduce development costs, and avoid substantial design issues and risks.

Boot &Download


u-boot 2017.01

Boot Mode


Boot Speed

Offer boot speed optimization

Boot Screen

Offer boot screen custom service

Download Method

Serial port/Ethernet


Kernel Version

Linux 4.9.28

File System


Devices Driver

Offer all the devices drivers

File System

Offer file system custom service



Offer QT development resources


CCS 7.1

Offer DSP debug and development tool

Offer user manual


Offer user manual

IPC Communication Protocol

Offer references about multicore communication protocol between ARM and DSP

DSP Sysbios

Offer DSP RTOS system image

Free Technical Support Services

Value-added Services

Locate product fault

Carrier board custom design service

Explain software and hardware resources in EMA embedded product.

System on module custom design service

Help users compile and run correctly the source code we offer.

Linux/DSP system custom service

Help users solve the abnormal problems while using EMA embedded product based on the development package we offered.

Embedded software development

EMA fast-boot solution porting

Project cooperation and development

Enterprise development training: EMA has a technical team with experienced embedded engineers who have been engaged in embedded hardware and software development for 12 years.

Application Areas

SOM572x can be used in different fields including motion control system, HD image recognition, video analysis system, machine vision, audio analysis system, high-end measuring instrument.