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RK3288, ARM Cortex-A17 CPU@1.8GHz, Mali-T764 GPU

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SOM3288 is typical example of EMA’s extensive product line. It has integrated RK3288 on board and can be served as the core of the video/image processing.EMA offers professional hardware and software support to make your product more reliable and shorten your development period.
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Integrated Quad-core Cortex-A17 CPU up to 1.8GHz and Mali-T764 GPU,SOM3288 is the multifunctional system on module designed by EMA.SOM3288 achieves its eight-layer board design through the 28nm HKMG craft.With only 60MM*54MM*3MM in size,SOM3288 has core components on board including RK3288 processor,up to 2G DDR3,up to 64G eMMC and up to 1G NAND FLASH. It has a wide range of functions including supporting 4K H.265 video,Dual-screen asynchronous display and Multi-window operation.

Hardware Features

  • RK3288, ARM Cortex-A17 CPU@1.8GHz, Mali-T764 GPU

  • Uses stamp hole as mounting technology

  • Supports different capacity and brand of eMMC(8-64G)

  • Size:60MM*54MM*3MM

  • 256M/512M/1G/2G DDR3 256M-1G NAND FLASH

  • 1x 10/10/1000M Ethernet

  • 5x UART

  • 2x USB HOST, 1x USB OTG

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Message Board
Integrated Cortex-A17 Quad-core processor up to 1.8GHz,EVM3288 is the flexible development kit based on SOM3288.EVM3288 can be used to quickly evaluate the feasibility of using RK3288 or SOM3288 to design products.Customers can experience the high performance of RK3288 with the function of supporting 4K H.265 video,dual-screen asynchronous display and multi-window operation.

Kit Contents

Optional Contents


SOM3288 in different specifications(Including different CPU,FLASH and Memory)

EVM3288 carrier board

WIFI module

12V/2A power adapter

15.6 inches EDP LCD
10.1 inches MIPI LCD
7 inches LVDS LCD

DVD(Including User Manual,Development Tools,BSP source code,PDF reference schematic diagram)

15.6 inches USB Multi-point capacitive screen
7 inches I2C Multi-point capacitive screen

3.3V TTL UART to RS232 module

Carrier board features

  • 1x HDMI(up to1920*1200),1x LVDS

  • Supports capacitive touch screen

  • 1x RJ45 (Double Gigabit Ethernet Card)

  • 1x RS485, 5x UART TTL serial port

  • 5x USB2.0 HOST, 1x USB OTG

  • 802.11 b/g/n WIFI module

  • Peripherals: Earphone input/output, Microphone input, Camera interface

  • Operating temperature:0℃~+70℃

  • Humidity:RH40%~RH90%(Non-condensate)

Software Parametrics:


Boot & Download


u-boot 2017.09

Boot Mode

Boots from eMMC/SD.

Boot Speed

Supports Boot Speed Optimization.

Splash Screen

Supports Splash Screen Customization.

Download Method

Downloads from Internet and Serial Port.


Kernel Version

Linux 4.4.83

File System Format


Device Driver

Provides all peripheral drivers.

File System

Can customize File System based on your requirements.

Graphical Interfaces


Provides perfect QT development resources.



Android 6.0

Device Drive

Provides all peripheral drivers.


Supports UART, CAN, GPIO when android system device access.


Supports Boot Animation Customization.

Can start specified application automatically when system boot.

Supports program management including installation / uninstall / upgrade / start and other functions.

Supports Internet management.

ROM Customization

Supports ROOT.

Supports virtual keys hidden.

Supports Status Bar hidden.

Supports System notification Block.

Supports Lock Screen hidden.

Can integrate third-party applications.

Application Areas

SOM437X can be used for medical and industrial areas of embedded application, including networked industrial drive controller, consumer medical apparatus and instruments, HMI industrial man-machine interface, navigation equipment, barcode scanners, portable data terminal, test and measurement, industrial automation and other fields.
  • Image Processing
  • Advisement Player
  • Ticket Vending Machine
  • Game Console
  • Biological Recognition System
  • Paperless Conference System
  • Paperless Conference System
  • Portable Data Terminal