System on Module

Our SOMs is the the perfect combination of low-cost and high-performance. The families in the EMA SOM product line spans TI AM570x,TI AM437x,TI AM335x,etc.Each product offers reasonable price and comprehensive processor support.Our goal is to speed up your development as well as make your product more reliable.

Development Kit

EMA offers a variety of development kits based on SOMs covering SOM570x,SOM437x,SOM3288.The development kit is a complete evaluation platform especially designed for users to take full advantages of the processors.Every kits consist of EMA’s high-performance SOM,multifunctional carrier board and complete accessories.

Single Board Computer

Integrated all the core components of the SOMs ,EMA’s unique single board computers can be serve as the core of your embedded product.They perfectly support Linux, Android, Windows CE or any other high-level operating systems.With rich peripherals resources on board,EMA SBC is suitable for various of industrial applications.