Guangzhou EMA Tech CO.,Ltd. (referred to as EMA) was founded in 2006, is a TI, Intel, Rockchip platform, high-tech enterprise dedicated to intelligent interactive products and broadcasting system development and service of embedded software and hardware, the. According to the product concept of "perfect combination of science and art", British code adheres to the principle of "hard manufacturing and customer first" and is determined to become the most influential global technology service provider in the field of intelligent hardware products. At present, GREE, the United States, the United States, Haier, wave, NEC and other well-known manufacturers and other well-known manufacturers of technical strategic partners.

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As an official partner of TI (TI),The EMA is focused on TI's Cortex-a8, Cortex-a9 and Cortex-a15 product lines. Besides products sold throughout the country, it also covers many countries and regions including the US, the European Union, Australia, Brazil, Hongkong, Taiwan and many other countries.

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